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squircle line press

call for anthology submissions

The asingbol is an obscure new form indigenous to Singapore. It is an expedient poetic form created for an expedient society. It is also essentially an “impossible” poem, befitting of the “improbable nation” borne of "impossible means".

The asingbol is composed of exactly 140 characters including spaces (right, take liberties with counting pauses or caesurae as characters). Written as a single clause, all the words are not capitalized, with the sentence always end-stopping on a period to emphasize its statement of exposition and assertion. The asingbol attempts the near impossible — to be completely literal, at the points of its making and its subsequent reading, devoid of irony or metaphor as if to make disappear the hyperbole altogether. It is written like a dictionary entry espousing a single definition. It is also incapable of being read as symbolic. It celebrates the text as pure object.

Here is an example:

the asingbol is a dry lick, not peanut or lard or mere printed music – a canzone flying, face half-lit like a tiger bittern, limber barline.



We consider poetry written up according to the structural requirements of the asingbol, however these requirements may be interpreted. Please limit poetry submissions to 1-5 poems.


Many of our anthology projects operate on rolling deadlines, unless stipulated otherwise. We usually accept submissions until we’ve received enough good, solid work ready for publication. The stipulated deadline for this anthology is 16 October, 2016.


We aim to contact contributors with accepted work after we’ve finalized selections. Because of our workload, we are unable to send out rejection correspondence. Please accept our apologies on this.


Contributors will receive a complimentary copy of the anthology. 


1. Please include a cover letter in your email, with a contributor biography (max. 30 words). In the Subject Heading, please type “SUBMISSION TO ASINGBOL: YOUR NAME”.

2. All manuscripts must be typed, single-spaced. Please title your Word document “ASINGBOL: YOUR NAME”. 

Please use standard typefaces (font 12) such as Arial, Cambria, Georgia, Helvetica or Times New Roman.

3. Do indicate your full name and email within the header on every page of the manuscript.

4. We only accept submissions via email. Submissions should be addressed to: [email protected]

5. We accept new or previously published work pertinent to the theme. If the works have been published before, you must still retain rights to these works. Please also indicate where the pieces first appeared for the purpose of acknowledgement. If your work is accepted for publication, we request a non-exclusive license to print your works within the anthology and for publicity purposes.

6. We encourage simultaneous submissions.

7. Our aesthetic taste is diverse. If you’d like to know more about the kinds of work we are charmed by, please take a look at our Reading Room HERE.

We welcome your poems, which we honor. All the very best with the writing, and we look forward to receiving your stellar work!