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squircle line press

awesome journals   

gorgeous books  

3 Sections :: by Vijay Seshadri

A Book of Changes :: by Daryl Lim Wei Jie

A Faithful Existence :: by Forrest Gander

A Green Light :: by Matthew Rohrer

A Mind Like This :: by Susan Blackwell Ramsey

A Mouth In California :: by Graham Foust

After the Fall [dirges among ruins] :: by Eric Tinsay Valles

Airstream Land Yacht :: by Ken Babstock

Apocryphal Road Code :: by Jared Randall

Arrondissements :: by Douglas Oliver

Averno :: by Louise Glück

Bitter Punch :: by Loh Guan Liang

Blackacre :: by Monica Youn

Black Cat Bone :: by John Burnside

Case Sensitive :: by Kate Greenstreet

Catalog of Unabashed Gratitude :: by Ross Gay

Central Time :: by Ranjit Hoskote

Changing :: by Lily Hoang

Circle's Apprentice :: by Dan Beachy-Quick

Citizen: An American Lyric :: by Claudia Rankine

Clangings :: by Steven Cramer

Clear Brightness :: by Boey Kim Cheng

Come On All You Ghosts :: by Matthew Zapruder

Common Prayer :: by Fiona Sampson

Crush :: by Richard Siken

Dance Dance Revolution :: by Cathy Park Hong

Dancing In Odessa :: by Ilya Kaminsky

Deeds of Light :: by Tse Hao Guang

Digest :: by Gregory Pardlo

District and Circle :: by Seamus Heaney

Elegy :: by Mary Jo Bang

Elegy on Toy Piano :: by Dean Young

Em and the Big Hoom :: by Jerry Pinto

Eventually One Dreams the Real Thing :: by Marianne Boruch

Fire to Fire :: by Mark Doty

First Meeting of Hands :: by Paul Tan

Five Right Angles :: by Aaron Lee

Five Star Billionaire :: by Tash Aw

Flinging the Triplets :: by Madeleine Lee

For The End Comes Reaching :: by David Wong Hsien Ming

Forge :: by Jan Zwicky

Four-Legged Girl :: by Diane Seuss

Four Reincarnations :: by Max Ritvo

Furia :: by Orlando Ricardo Menes

Future Adventures in Monochrome :: by John Yau

Giving Ground :: by Theophilus Kwek

Jackstraws :: by Charles Simic

Heartland :: by Daren Shiau

Hello, the Roses :: by Mei-Mei Berssenbrugge

Horoscopes For the Dead :: by Billy Collins

Howl :: by Allen Ginsberg

I Was the Jukebox :: by Sandra Beasley

Imaginary Vessels :: by Paisley Rekdal

In the Kingdom of the Sea Monkeys :: by Campbell McGrath

Intruder :: by Jerrold Yam

Landing Light :: by Don Paterson

Last Boy :: by Ng Yi-Sheng

Late Wife :: by Claudia Emerson

Life & Death :: by Robert Creeley

Like That :: by Matthew Yeager

Look :: by Solmaz Sharif

Love is an Empty Barstool :: by Pooja Nansi

Lovely, Raspberry :: by Aaron Belz

Lucky Fish :: by Aimee Nezhukumatathil

Mad Science in Imperial City :: by Shanxing Wang

Making Love With Scrabble Tiles :: by Joshua Ip

Man and Camel :: by Mark Strand

March Book :: by Jesse Ball

Matter of Fact :: by Eamon Grennan

Mayakovsky’s Revolver :: by Matthew Dickman

Means to an End :: by Toh Hsien Min

Mental Flight :: by Ben Okri

Metaphysical Dog :: by Frank Bidart

Minsk :: by Lavinia Greenlaw

Missing Kissinger :: by Etgar Keret

Modern Life :: by Matthea Harvey

Morning at Memory’s Border :: by Aaron Maniam

My City, My Canvas :: by Heng Siok Tian

My Feelings :: by Nick Flynn

My Life :: by Lyn Hejinian

Nerve Squall :: by Sylvia Legris

New Light for the Old Dark :: by Sam Willetts

Nine Horses :: by Billy Collins

Novel Pictorial Noise :: by Noah Eli Gordon

Often Capital :: by Jennifer Moxley

On The Cave You Live In :: by Philip Jenks

One Thousand and One Nights :: by Gwee Li Sui

One Thousand Things Worth Knowing :: by Paul Muldoon

Ooga-Booga :: by Frederick Seidel

Pastorelles :: by John Taggart

Petals of Zero Petals of One :: by Andrew Zawacki

Picasso’s Tears :: by Wong May

Pigeon :: by Karen Solie

Poem For The End Of Time & Other Poems :: by Noelle Kocot

Poems Retrieved :: by Frank O'Hara

Portrait of the Alcoholic :: by Kaveh Akbar

Postal Code :: by Marc Nair

Pretend I'm Not Here :: by Yeow Kai Chai

Pretty Young Thing :: by Danielle Pafunda

Quiver of Arrows :: by Carl Phillips

Rain :: by Jon Woodward

Rays :: by Richard Price

Reckitt's Blue :: by John Wilkinson

Recyclopedia :: by Harryette Mullen

Repair :: by C. K. Williams

Rhinoceros :: by Kevin Ducey

Rising, Falling, Hovering :: by C. D. Wright

Roll Deep :: by Major Jackson

Romanticism :: by April Bernard

Routes: A Singaporean Memoir :: by Robert Yeo

Say Uncle :: by Kay Ryan

School Of The Arts :: by Mark Doty

Scrambled Eggs & Whiskey :: by Hayden Carruth

Seasonal Disorders/Impractical Lessons :: by Paul Tan

Seeing Stars :: by Simon Armitage

Sestets :: by Charles Wright

Severance Songs :: by Joshua Corey

Singapore Pioneer Poets: The Best of Edwin Thumboo :: by Edwin Thumboo

Six Girls Without Pants :: by Paisley Rekdal

So Much Synth :: by Brenda Shaughnessy

Sonnets From the Singlish :: by Joshua Ip

Sparrow :: by Carol Muske-Dukes

Stag's Leap :: by Sharon Olds

Starlight: 150 Poems :: by John Tranter

Steep Tea :: by Jee Leong Koh

Sunspots :: by Simon Barraclough

Telescope :: by Sandy Florian

Tender Delirium :: by Tania de Rozario

Thaumatrope :: by Brent Hendricks

The Abridged History of Rainfall :: by Jay Hopler

The All-Purpose Magical Tent :: by Lytton Smith

The Animal Gospels :: by Brian Barker

The Beauty :: by Jane Hirshfield

The Best Man That Ever Was :: by Annie Freud

The Best of It :: by Kay Ryan

The Blind Roadmaker :: by Ian Duhig

The Bridge :: by Hart Crane

The Commandrine and Other Poems :: by Joyelle McSweeney

The Curiosities :: by Christopher Reid

The Darkening Trapeze :: by Larry Levis

The Darwin Poems :: by Emily Ballou

The Far Mosque :: by Kazim Ali

The Father :: by Sharon Olds

The Figured Wheel :: by Robert Pinsky

The Game of Boxes :: by Catherine Barnett

The Hounds of No :: by Lara Glenum

The Imaginary in Geometry :: by Andrew Duncan

The Invisible Manuscript :: by Alfian Sa'at

The King :: by Rebecca Wolff

The Last Shift :: by Philip Levine

The Law of Second Marriages :: by Christine Chia

The Mark of Flesh :: by Janet Sylvester

The Maverick Room :: by Thomas Sayers Ellis

The Mental Life of Cities :: by Eddie Tay

The Old Philosopher :: by Vi Khi Nao

The Paper Wasp :: by Teresa Cader

The Prodigal :: by Derek Walcott

The Road In Is Not The Same As The Road Out :: by Karen Solie

The Shrubberies :: by Ronald Johnson

The Viewing Party :: by Yong Shu Hoong

Thrall :: by Natasha Trethewey

To Be Read In 500 Years :: by Albert Goldbarth

To the Left of Time :: by Thomas Lux

Trances of the Blast :: by Mary Ruefle

UNSUB :: by Divya Victor

Useless Landscape, or A Guide For Boys :: by D. A. Powell

Vanishing Point :: by Ander Monson

Velouria :: by Daren Shiau

Voluntary Servitude :: by Mark Wunderlich

Watchword :: by William Fuller

Where I Live :: by Arundhathi Subramaniam

When the Barbarians Arrive :: by Alvin Pang

World's Tallest Disaster :: by Cate Marvin