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squircle line press

call for anthology submissions

“ ‘I’ve been flayed like you,’ I remember answering

as I left, ‘and I’ll die when you do.’

This is the song of our last meeting.

I looked back at the shape of the dark house.

Candles guttered in the bedroom window,

indifferent, yellow.”

~ Anna Akhmatova

Actors know full well the importance of the interior monologue, what surfaces when one decides to have a conversation with oneself. How sensual and natural is this inner voice, or does it already have the shape of a soliloquy or dramatic monologue? We’re asking for your self- awareness, even a sort of schematizing if it wills itself. A wave of introspection. A reflection that doesn’t just stare back at the mirror, but deep into its refracting light and shadows.